the most beautiful mornings of the world

Allow me to borrow this phrase from André Gide by replacing the word book by website

"Does my site teache you to be more interested in you than itself, then everything else more than youself."

Les Nourritures Terrestres

Bienvenue - Welcome - Bienvenida - ترأهلا وسهلا - आपका स्वागत है - καλωσόρισμα - Selamat Datang

Why this site? For pleasure, mine and may be yours ....

  1. Puce Because the world is beautiful but also very fragile.

  1. Puce Because I believe that there are still people who are sensitive to solidarity, sharing and many others just waiting to be tempted by a little humanity.

  1. Puce Because I am impressed by the rise of a general tendency to narcissism, the development of "warriors" behavior (predators , individualistic, colonialists), because competition replaces cooperation, covetousness replaces solidarity, while we have enough money, resources and places to live together and peace. Whence a number of questions and thoughts.

  1. Puce Because I am outraged and disgusted by what I see and hear a few times, and it stimulates the desire to work in the re-enchantment of the world, even if it sometimes asked to give a kick in the anthill ...

  1. Puce Because we should not silence the inner voice in contact with the " law of the jungle" or "every man for himself" or the "eveytimes more" or "never enought".

  1. Puce Because it is not because we are not famous that has nothing to say or he must keep his mouth shut ! I do not pretend to be an expert, on the other hand I do not believe more blissfully what say those who claim to be experts. In the fields that concern me, which interest me, I am researching, I inform myself, I experiment, I argue, in the name of the freedom to think and express oneself.

My purpose is to share some lines of thought, a grid of reading, beyond the truths that are brought to us, the realities that we are imposed on us.

  1. Puce Because I prefer cooperation to individualism, interdependence to autonomy, immerse my gaze in the others' one, rather than contemplating my navel, I want to share travel books, photos, personal research, kitchen recipes and sharing love at first sight and blows of anger ..

  Why the most beautiful mornings of the world?

Because every day may be the morning of the world ....

Imagine your last hour is imminent: terminally long illness, heart attack, car accident, accident life ... you're living your last hours.

You recall all the important moments of your life for which you give everything for them to come back, and the bad times, those that you would like to review any price.

You may be trying to soothe your mind is racing to avoid a brutal contact with the emotions that invade you.

Impression that it will be the longest night of your life ...

You end up falling asleep from exhaustion.

To your surprise, you wake up at the same time as the sun rises. In the light gently enters your space a sign appears: the Universe has decided to allow more time.

You can choose between:

  1. be so disappointed because you were prepared to the "big trip"

  2. be skeptical because there is no apparent reason to give you a reprieve,

  3. be worried because you revive the need to know when it will end, because it stirs your fear of dying or living

  4. be confident and enjoy this moment becomes the most beautiful morning of the world ...

  1. Why waiting for an illness, an accident, a tragedy occurs to learn to discover the most beautiful morning of the world?

  2. Why do not open the eyes after sleeping every night enjoying the opportunity that we have to awaken to a new day?

  3. Why waiting until tomorrow, or the day when all the conditions are met (by you) to be happy?

  4. How do you do it to find that every day are the same?

  5. Why delegating to others the power to make this day a pleasant one?

I spent some time looking for answers, meditating, meeting healers of souls but never really satisfied ...Until the day I wanted to write my biography, a way of leaving a trace ...

By taking stock of my memories, especially those of childhood and youth, a time when there is not too polluted by social impressions, I found that I frequently came marvel at something or someone.

An ambiance, a situation, a word, a sentence, a love, had the power to transport me to another dimension ....

Mentally reliving these experiences, I have rediscovered the foundations of wonder: just be there ... be fully present ... free enough mentally to be invaded by what is there ...

Wonder is this ability to be open unconditionally to what happens without trying to stop it, without trying to lead or attempt to understand, like when you eat your favorite dessert ... as when falling in love ... a form of ecstasy ...

I say it more easily as I'm sure everyone has experienced at least one moment like this one in life ... Remember ... and use your experience.

  1. Puce Who has not vibrated on a piece of music, classical or modern, who has not been touched by a look, a gesture, an expression, who did not "melt" in front of a child, who has not been sensitive to a sunset or sunrise, who did not enjoy eating or drinking something particularly good, who has not succumbed to a stroke, who has not been dimmed by experience, who has not experienced any of the thousands reasons to enjoy being at the right place at the right time with the right person?

Regain the ability to be, just to be, and be open to what is ...

I know that all is not necessarily pleasant, everyday.

I am not naïve, the world is what it is with its good and bad sides.

Life does not just gifts. But when it does let us at least enjoy ....

Justice, equality, solidarity, happiness, peace seem to be some things that many speak without too much practice, which some people tend to, there is still a long way ... what should not prevent us from moving forward.

Like all human capacities, wonder can be tamed, cultivated and shared.

We generaly do not wake up saying "I'll be happy ..."

It's ok to wish but that is not enough ... you may wish to win the lottery every day, there is no risk of winning if you do not play ...

Although we have more chance of being happy than winning the lottery ... precisely because the lottery depend on luck, while happiness depends largely on each.

If you want to experiment wondering clik Here

I use various media to develop and share my wonder

  1. Puce The practice of mindfulness, because it allows us to go beyond the imposed "truths", to apprehend reality with as few filters as possible. if you're interested, clik Here

  1. Puce Photography, because I am particularly sensitive to the gaze, to surroundings, light, colors. I love watching and let me surprise. I love the complicity that rise secretly between subject and photographer.

  1. Puce A passion for travel, which I associate photography. I like to meet other people, other contexts, other cultures, other environments. Because by observing others I forget a little myself. I like to let me away from all that different from my everyday life.

Whether in France or abroad, my travels and sometimes my work is a lifelong relationship with wonder.

  1. Puce Cooking because I am sensitive to smells, textures, scents, flavors, because I take so much pleasure to share. I have a deep respect for food, because:

  1. Eating is important because people who do not have access to food die...

  2. Eating has a medical nature as the way we eat has an impact on our health ....

  3. Eating is cultural, as each region, each ethnic group has its own way of cooking ...

  4. Since eating is ethical relationship with the zest for life in general, the right of everyone to have their basic needs met, in line with our ability to share ...

  5. Eating is as spiritual awareness of what is available to us is a form of meditation ...

I am often amazed at the wealth of the universe and playful to have the opportunity to belong to and participate in this alchemy.

What makes me sometimes angry, wanting to resist and engage me when I feel that alchemy is in danger.

  1. Krishnamurti wrote: "this is not a sign of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

  2. Gandhi suggested: "Be the change you want to see in the world."

  3. Mother Térèsa added: "What we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but if we do not do, our drop miss the ocean"

The most beautiful declaration that a human can do:

"I can not imagine waking up in the morning, telling me that I will not see you anymore."

That invites us to take care of us, care of the others, care of our environment