Review :

It seems futile to talk about Indonesia in general, as there are significant differences between the islands. This is what that invites to return to discover the diversity of the wealth of this archipelago.

  1.  More in Indonesia than anywhere else I realize how everything is fleeting and precarious overnight everything can change, change shape, mood, life: a few years apart, an earthquake, eruption a tsunami, globalization is changing for the years of things we had known.

  1. Puce In Indonesia I like

  2. Yogyakarta and Taman Sari. It reigns in this site and part of the city a special atmosphere.

It is a city of art, full of artists. We meet around young equipped with cameras with their friends posing in locations chosen for their environment, for their light ... There is also a special musical research in this town, there are plenty of arts workshops, arts and dance schools. Even the graffiti on the walls are often pleasing.

  1. Volcanoes and East Java region with a rustic nature around them. The sunrise over Bromo is still magical. The Tenggers are pleasant people to discover. Hikes of Kawa Ijen remain unforgettable, as well as meetings with galley slaves of sulfur. We liked the deserted and wild beaches, isolated villages, night markets, the captivating Borobudur site.

  2. Bali, outside the southern noisy beaches. This is a beautiful country in terms of landscapes and lifestyle and culture. The Balinese are generally welcoming people, warm and soft. Although everything that revolves around tourism began taking provocative manners, arrogance (taxi drivers, vendors, beach boys etc ...)

This is why it is important to be attentive to the choice of some TO roam us as mere tourists sites by sites (that seek many customers), others live a true initiation (that seek number other travelers).

I appreciate the spirituality of Balinese, although sometimes their devotion is to a certain submission to the traditions of another era or paradoxical principles. This gives a character to their daily that can not be found anywhere else.

If I have a seaside holiday in Bali, it would be in Pekutatan at Puri Dajuma or Tanjung Benoa the Matahari Terbit hotel for their cozy, warm and peaceful, the quality of their services without fall in extreme luxury or crowded resorts. In Sanur, Flashbacks hotel is a good option provided to access the room Bungalow # 1. The area is less crowded than Legian, Seminyak or Kuta.

  1. Flores, its "little people" welcoming its enchanting landscapes, its markets full of life.

Flores must be explored with a guide passionate about the island, its inhabitants, and its villages. It is not necessary to make exhausting treks to discover the villages of Flores, most can be reached by cars or motorcycles.

Immersion in some authentic villages other than those chosen for their tourist stamp is expected to go beyond appearances. Flores of ethnicities deserve better than curiosity, they have more to share than photogenic sites.

The Lio from Ende area, the Ngada from  Bajawa area,  Manggarai from Ruteng area can be discovered by a simple way without having to go to villages "listed or classified." The Belaragi village not so proposed by T.O. as the volcano Wawo Muda and orange lakes. The small road from Ruteng to Denge through villages that deserve to have some more attention.

  1. Lombok apart from the bustle of Kuta. Its population is genuine despite the tourism develops. The reception is a little less "cool" as Flores, but there is still plenty to discover, outside the traditional tourist circuits. Villages, markets are exciting to go. The market Tajung Luar, Tetebatu area, and that of Lingsar left us with pleasant memories. There is not only volcano, beaches or waterfalls to see. Many villages are genuine sources of enrichment.

  2. Sumbawa. I have great difficulty understanding that many sites, blogs and other paper guides write that the population is not especially inviting and there's nothing to see. Sumbawa is full of authentic villages with smiling villagers, welcoming, friendly. Much to discover on this island, even if it has no temples, no spectacular ruins to offer, it has a population just waiting to share its human richness, traditions, crafts. The landscapes are magnificent.

  1. PuceIn Indonesia I don't like

  2. Sulawesi even though we fell in admiration in front the architecture of Burgis houses, we do not keep an unforgettable memory of Sulawesi. The landscapes and people are much less "refined" than in Bali, even the rice espaliers are less attractive.

The Toraja, despite its traditions, the beauty of its villages, its magical ceremonies failed to make us forget the "barbarity" of some farmers. We were really shocked by the behavior of humans with animals.

The guide, with its casualness and arrogance, also probably for much of this disappointment.

  1. I am amazed and shocked to see how Indonesians neglect their environment: whether in the villages, even more in the fishing villages, rivers, around waterfalls, on the roadside, in the arenas of fighting rooster, often trash in plastic base (bottles, bags, blister ...) of aluminum cans, peelings, wood, cardboard, piled up everywhere as to give the impression that some villages are placed on dumps.

  2. I'm shocked to discover that happens more and more frequently in Bali, but it also happened in Sumbawa that children of 12 years and adolescents do the "major finger" when we go by car, where the they pass by car or motorcycle.

If this makes laugh guides who say it is due to the TV, I regret that both peoples claiming the respect of traditions and rules of life, allow themselves to "globalize" at the point of neglecting the education of their children . Like what it's all relative! We respect the rules of ancestor worship, but we are unable to comply with or enforce the relationship with the living people! I'm curious to see what will it be in a few years ..

  1. I do not like the Indonesian custom that is to distribute tips everywhere, all the time. Local give without asking any question! As soon as we demand any information, or parked somewhere, even in the countryside, people expect a tip. Everything is an excuse to gift even when it is not justified. We feel like ATM. To give is not problem when it comes to sharing of skills, knowledge, time, when there was an exchange. By cons I do not give when it is presented as their due, even justified by custom.

  2. I don't like radicalization: The attempts to destabilize Jakarta Mayor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama who claimed that the Koran does not have to be a political weapon in the elections, the pressure against the Tenggers forced to hide to meet and to practice their rites, the recent attacks on Catholic churches suggest that Indonesia is slowly but surely becoming radicalized. It may not be a cool destination in the near future.

  1. Puce After India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, I am surprised by the new tourists that invade Asia and Indonesia:

they are younger and whatever their nationality, all cloned: 20/30 years, he in shorts, tee shirt and flip-flops, a panama straw screwed on the head, one out of four a Polynesian tattoo on the arm or calf, sometimes a jewel in the ear, she in very short tight shorts or leggins like "camel toe", tank top or short scooped jacket, leather sandals, a small tattoo on the ankle or the shoulder blade.

  1. Because of fine weather in the tropics, they all give the impression of being on holiday in a seaside resort in California or South of France. Transforming the places where they spend, whether Udaipur, Singapore, Hanoi, Hoi An, Ubud, Lovina, Rinjani volcano in tropézienne step with trendy beer bars, western live music, clothes shops, fast food and especially wi- fi.

  2. They are equipped with digital tablets, Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy on which they strum all day long (even when eating or transportation) each enclosed in a bubble. Very attached to their image, they take themselves photos everywhere (selfies), sometimes with the help of a telescopic arm, to flood the social networks of their narcissism.

  3. What bothers me is that they seem not to know the basics of usability as:

greet when one crosses on hiking trails, remove his panama or rapper cap in a restaurant, ask if people agree to be photographed, give place to an elderly person or a pregnant woman in public transport, pay attention to indigenous traditions, they enter in the temples, in tourist sites, in cremations ceremony in this outfit, while 4/5 years ago we were asked to have the legs and arms covered! Even The Guide du Routard talk about it.


  1. In 2007, a company imposed by the T.O .: Cathay Pacific. Chinese company part of the top 5 airlines. A significant delay (6:00) initially for technical problem made us miss the connection for Indonesia. Cathay offered us a night and meals at the Regal Hotel Hong Kong Airport. No correspondence before the next day in the afternoon. 24 hour lost.

  2. In 2010 and 2016 we chose Singapore Airlines for the reliability of the company, its attractive prices, and flight duration less than most other flights. Airport flying through ground handling, their service and kindness are legendary. The second time, to avoid a departure from Frankfurt which is one of the worst European airport, we leave from Zurich, completely different. Stop over 3/4 days in Singapore, very nice.

  3. In 2011 we go through Emirates from France to Dubai, and Dubai to Jakarta, for the quality of service and attractive prices. Garuda from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, Denpasar and Makassar. In Jakarta, when connecting, you have to exit the airport and re-register the luggage for correspondence to Denpasar to oblige travelers to pay a national fee which added to the international fee.

  4. In 2014 Emirates from France to Dubai, Dubai to Singapore and Jetstar to Singapore to Denpasar (an Australian lowcost: Easy jet is a luxury when compared. Malaysia Airlines from Denpasar to Kuala Lumpur (lousy service) and Emirates from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai and to France. Garuda domestic flights, true to his reputation, schedules and gates are rarely respected.

Tour Operator :

  1. Puce In 2007: it had been two years that we were trying to book a rental car with driver-guide with a local agency: everything is complete as early as November for the following year. The deadline is February Sometimes for some agencies.

We go through a general European tour operator, restricted choice, the majority of other TO being as complete on this destination in the month of April: Kuoni. classic tour bus and large group: the Rhythm of Balinese, with local guide: the best-known temples or archaeological sites, museums, "ersatz" of campaign ballads, lots of shopping and beach. Much time spent in shops, craft centers: apparently it pleases to tourists who want more.

  1. Puce In 2010 we build a program based on what we saw, what we want to see and see again that we suggest to local agencies to ensure logistics. We contacted four local agencies were among those most cited Forums: Bali Autrement e Bali Authentique, Bali Evasion, Bali Tradition.

We chose Bali Authentique because:

on 4 local agencies that we contacted, one never answered us after two raises in one year apart.

two agencies proposed us ready made and classics packages. Bali Authentique took into account our personal expectations circuit while suggesting original arrangements of their own.

Two agencies were considerably more expensive.

Although he did not leave the choice, the hotels offered by Authentic Bali are attractive by their size and comfort (except Tanto Villa)

Mail exchanges, twenty in all, proved cordial, professional and efficient. We had all the answers to all questions, very quickly.

The suggested program, scheduled visits, the driver/guide, assistance and contacts on site responded to our expectations.

 The program suggests that we can attend a wedding, a tooth filing ceremony, a cremation, this means that the driver gathers information about the places and dates of celebration, and the festivities take place when we cross the area. It is a proposal that must be taken as random, depending on the period when we visit the island because everything is provided in the Balinese calendar.

  1. Puce In 2011 we proposed our project (timing, main steps centers of interest) to 3 Local Tours Operators: Bali Authentique, Bali Evasion, Bali Profond, asking for an estimate and proposals to do that we would not provided.

Except Bali Authentique that always has a little more to offer, we obtained three quotes identical in content with a difference (for two people) 400 € between Bali Profond and Bali Authentique and € 800 between Bali Profond and Bali Evasion .

We opted for the cheapest, Bali Profond, we regret a posteriori:

his  selling point is that he gives life to the locals. This is the case of all other local TO that use Indonesian personnel and make live the small Indonesian hotels. This is an obligation under Indonesian law.

 His individual circuit strategy is based on a driver + guide, while others offer a driver./guide, with arguments like "everyone's business".

For a difference of 400 euros, our program was respected barely 2/3 because of the guides and drivers.

Bali Profond does not have sufficient staff to respond to requests, which forces him to employ free lance guides, rental drivers. He doesn't have have the same mastery he claims to know them.

This TO tend to think immediately that a dissatisfied customer is a grouch. He has difficulty to hear we ask question about the respect or honesty of a driver or a guide, on the basis he was chosen by FR3 (french tv) to accompany them for a documentary, according his flawless. The difference being that he was himself the guide the TV crew!

  1. Puce In 2014, based on previous experience, we return with Bali Authentique. Wishing to visit two new islands: Flores and Lombok whose paper guides provide few details. We ask to T.O to prepare a program according to our interests: genuine human contact, life scenes, markets and landscapes. We appreciate the reliability and responsiveness of this T.O. honesty, attractive prices, as well as his original way of developing programs.

Like most T.O. in high season Bali Authentique is sometimes faced with a shortage of drivers referred to certain destinations, making it necessary to appeal to drivers / guides less known. This was our case on Flores in 2014.

Hence the need to report to T.O. and join other travelers doubtful guides but also exceptional guides, with concrete details to get the most accurate possible idea

After 3 experiences of their programs (2010 - 2011 (unrealized) - 2014) we have two wishes to make:

  We wanted them to be a little more specific in their program by giving the names of the places visited, even when they are unknown to most paper guides. They did it.

  Given their field experience and originality of Bali Authentique, we wanted them to offer homestays to share the activities of a family, market, cooking, crafts, lifestyle, gardening , spiritual life. An authentic immersion in Balinese daily life. It was planned from 2015. They partially done. It remains to develop and improve the level of the proposed activities.

Unlike many Asia, Bali Authentique takes into account the remarks made to them, and apologizes instead of just be sorry. The difference between the two expressions is not insignificant. This T.O. is for us the ideal partner for Indonesia.

  1. Puce In 2016 we use Bali Authentique for a particular program. Having already visited Bali, we wanted to know if it was possible to see a little more. We wanted to visit Sumbawa which is not yet in their catalog, and discover Flores in another way. Bet made. We made Bali as we have never done. We discover that the quality of the guide is for many. After crossing Lombok, we visited Sumbawa realizing that this destination has a lot to offer the nomadic tourism, on human, cultural and landscape level. The authenticity of the villages is still guaranteed.

About Flores, the family integration experience was great and deserves to be developed with participation in activities other than meals and recreation: markets, cuisine, artisan tours, small producers of local specialties ...

The whole program was respected, even more. This trip was one of the nicest we have made, at all levels.

Driver / guide: (see our criteria here)Travel_advices.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

  1. In 2007 a "traditional" local guide for groups. Jaded, tired, old. Without motivation, without passion, subscribed to the minimum service, like his colleagues wearing the same shirt "Tropical flower" of the company. We observed on 7 and 10 years later they still wear the same shirts ... with the same jaded air, tired.

  2. In 2010 We enjoyed the driver/guide from Bali Authentique: Roy.

  3. Respectful, caring, smiling, discreet, friendly. When he saw that we accept to eat in popular warungs, he accompanied us to our request, paying his own meals. He warned us when we take food risks.

  4. He showed us the dishes that we did not know. He transformed the Gianyar night market in festival of varied and delicious tastings.

  5. Seeing our interest to local specialties, we stopped at every stand of roadside fruit where there were fruits that we did not know. Tasting and visit plus producers of garden.

  6. Knowing that I had a broken leg, he accompanied us in all walks to help when needed.

  7. He sometimes has a little trouble for managing the timing, hence the impasse on some planned activities. He's not looking too much either to get informations about local activities and festivities that could interest us. This driver/guide is between average and very good guide.

  8. We realized 3/4 of what was planned in the official program of our doing and due to time management. We realized other things beside that made this trip a success and a great memory.

He is part of good drivers/guides we met in Indonesia and around the world.

  1. In 2011, for reasons of his own Bali Profond imposes a Couple driver + guide, which greatly affects the relationship dynamics with customers.

  2. First Java crew: Eko guide (poor) Sarpan driver (to avoid). an incompetent guide, unmotivated + driver arrogant, disrespectful, domineering.

  3. Second Bali crew: Eko guide (poor) Debba driver (exceptional). The incompetent guide + a driver who proves to be a true guide. He would have his place in the team of Bali Autentique.

  4. Third Sulawesi crew Syarif guide (avoid), Tetti driver (average). A guide arrogant, dishonest + influenced driver stuck between wanting to please the customers and the authority of a temperamental guide.

In front of the arrogance and incorrect behavior of the first driver, we asked T.O. to change this driver

Rachmat refusing, we had to threaten to stop the program and go to the French consulate to complain,  then he finally agreed.

  1. in 2014 in Florès we are guided by Maxime, who was accompanied by his cousin Reynolds as a driver.

He speaks English well. this guide has proved to be a complicated character, show-off, irascible, fast-talking, manipulative, mystifying: chick. (super poor) He is a perverse narcissistic psychopath.

  1. Although he says have the reputation of being a good trekker, he does not know the basic rules of trekking as hydration, management effort and time to rest, weather conditions. He also said to be a specialist in birds. For the rest he tells what he wants!

  2. He has hardly respected the planned program, arguing that the T.O does not know the reality.

It is wrong, other driver/guide realize the same programs for the same T.O. to Flores.

  1. He is unable to anticipate, organize, manipulates reality to always back on his feet and not lose face.

  2. He continually offers options not provided, pretending to let the customer choose, but arguing to impose the option of interest.

  3. He likes to give the impression he is at home everywhere and everyone knows him, though he rarely tried to put us in contact with the inhabitants of Flores, whether in villages or markets.

  4.  He is always in front, smoking, sending and receiving SMS, merely saying "let's go".

  5. He has often imposed a timing and visits according to his priorities, starting with his tobacco addiction, his relationship with his family, more than our desire to take pictures and meet people.

  6.  Throughout the circuit he has imposed to us to lend him a camera with a telephoto lens on the pretext that he liked taking photos of birds. In order not to inflame a relationship that had hurt I let him wrongly.

This guide ruined the discovery of Flores by his behavior and borderline incompetence. To avoid.

in 2014 and 2016 Lombok and Sumbawa, we are accompanied by Syrafi (Syarifuddin)

Syarif is a very good driver/guide, experienced, effective. Knowing well his country, he has a pretty good idea of good plans and knows how to discover interesting things. He speaks excellent English and a little French, he taught us a little Indonesian.

  1.  He manages well the program timing. He is friendly and attentive.

  2.  He has always tried to put us in contact with the local population, and to help us discover the peculiarities of the lifestyle in Lombok and Sumbawa. He likes us to arise and be in contact with people.

  3. In villages and markets he often mark special things to discover, and good plans pictures he sometimes tends to "impose", but it was always well come because it has a fairly relevant look.

  4. He does not smoke, does not spend his time talking or texting.

  5. He loves his island and loves to share it with many attention as discovering a fruit, a vegetable, a krupuk a legal herb, a market and everything found there ...

  6. He likes to be asked of the things out of the ordinary like visiting a workshop that manufactures tofu, or spinning tops. It is getting along to meet the demands. We recommend this guide to Lombok and Sumbawa.

  7. He likes to be asked of the things out of the ordinary like visiting a workshop that manufactures tofu, or tops. He make all possible to answer to demands.

  8. He sometimes tends to be authoritarian: during each program he imposed himsel for lunches by making us pay for his meals without having an invitation or prior agreement.

We do not react because on his side he sometimes offers us a simple meal or make us taste some products he buy on the market (unless it turns out that he is reimbursed for expenses by the agency, which would be a real lack of honesty). He ask to give him sweets to offer to someone with whom he discussed, he checks if we give tips and how many, sometimes he determines the amount, he ensures that we paid our meals ... Gaps tact which, despite his qualities as exceptional driver/guide, we classify him as very good driver/guide.

  1. In Sumbawa in 2016 Rifi, the son of Syarif, accompanies us in preceding with motorbike; without this being planned by the agency. His lunches were counted with those of his father !

  2. He seems qualified to visit this island because he seems to know better than his father.

  3. Rifi is a simple boy, discreet, efficient, respectful, friendly and very attentive towards customers. He thinks of everything and knows to scramble to find interesting things to do or see.

  4. From sporty nature accompanies both hiking as snorkeling trips. Slightly reserved or withdrawal, probably because of the presence of his father, he deserves to be known. He has everything to be a exceptional guide.

Syarif and  Rifi are part of very good drivers/guides we met in Indonesia and around the world.

In 2016 in Bali, we are accompanied by Wayan Andy, an exceptional driver/guide.

Cultured, intelligent, polite, kind, discreet, humble, efficient, careful, honest.

  1. He takes care of his customers as if they were precious. He is considerate, attentive, friendly.

  2. He knows whereof he speaks and when he does not know he look for information to better inform us on what we see. Although young, he is impregnated with traditional family culture and sharing it with pleasure. His family seems very representative values of the Balinese culture.

  3.  He is interested in our culture that he like to discover without having to make comparisons.

  4. He is perpetually in the exchange. He respects the entire program, managestiming, and seeks to make us discover things that are not in the program. Everything that happens along the way is an opportunity to stop, discover, without affect the course of the program.

  5.  He get informations about the ceremonies, activities, events according to our interest. Once there, he ensures that we did not stay on the sidelines of the event, he helps us to bring into the family, meeting people, then he goes back so as not to interfere, remaining available to translate, explain and facilitate the exchange.

  6. He declined our invitation to share a meal, and refused the tip at the end of the program that we have to impose. Decency, modesty or because he takes pleasure in what he does. He deserves much more.

  7.  He does not smoke at work, does not spend his time on his mobile phone.

He is one of the 3 exceptional driver/guide we met in the world, with André Nguyen Dinh Lung Vietnam and Rameshwar in India.

  1. In 2016 in Flores, we are accompanied by Pedi Parera (Pedhy), the best driver/guide of Bali Authentique
    on the island of Flores. Knowing that cacis often take place in mid-August to late August in Ruteng area, we asked for the agency to request Pedi inquire about places and dates. This was done.

For the rest, it is difficult to evaluate Pedi as driver/guide in the context of a program, because we were hosted for free program in his family during our stay in Flores. The activities were based on family and sightseeing opportunities in the near area.

The quality of stay is mainly due to human wealth of this family. A warm family friendly, cozy, protective, with very different personalities and very complementary. The smile and stories of Pak Lobe, treasure hunter, who take care so poignantly of his grandchildren, caring ibu Celní, a teacher who has given a lot in his life, softness and fabulous vegetarian dishes from Desy who talk more with eyes and heart than with words, humor and effective presence of Lani, the wisdom ad intellectual and mental openness of Ino, English teacher and radio animator, discreet and effective presence of Frida, the light exuberance of Pedi, make this stay exceptional. Failing to evaluate Pedi, this is one of the best family integration experiences we have lived with those we have known in the villages of Senegal and Vellinezhi in South India.

Good to know:

  1. In August 2014, the visa increased from $ 25-35 and the airport tax intrenationale 125 000 to 200 000 rupees, since 2015, the visa is free for a number of nationalities including France, and it is not longer necessary to provide an airport tax for international departure.

  2. Tea costs between 5000 and 7000 RPS, a bottle of water (1.5l) between 5000 and 8000 RPS, a beer between 20 000 and 35 000 RPS, a coca cola 7000 RPS, a fresh fruit juice 12,000 RPS, 1 kg of rice between 6000 and 9000 rPS, 1 stamp postcard 10000 rPS, a postcard from 3000 to 3500 rPS, the rPS 6500 liter of gasoline.

 Simple meals, mie goreng and nasi goreng, gado gado have not changed: between 15 000 (€ 1.50) and 40 000 (€ 3) rupees depending on location, plus the drink. Hotels in Indonesian meal varies between 45,000 (€ 4) and 80,000 (€ 7) rupees.

  1.  Please note the dates of vacations avoid Java and Lombok during Ramadan. Shops, restaurants, tourist sites closed. (Except Sasak sites). Give priority dates that correspond to the festivities and activities of the Balinese calendar. To see with the T.O

  2. Indonesians and especially the Balinese use 3 calendars:

- The Pawukon, perpetual calendar defines a year of 210 days, divided into 30 Wuku (week) for 7 days. Each Wuku being under the influence of a planet. This schedule defines all the rites of the life of Balinese: there is a day to sow one day to harvest one day to get married one day for cremation etc ...

- The Saka, of Hindu origin, calendar defines a year of 12 lunar months, leading to the fact that in 2016, they were in 1938.

Nyepi is the new year, which takes place in March or April. It is the day of silence. Many Balinese then practice meditation to find inner peace. According Otherwise Bali. "The silence of 24 also aims to convince the demons that the island is deserted, so they do not come back to disturb its inhabitants This is why for 24 hours, it is forbidden to out into the streets, to start a fire or light up (except possibly the thick curtains shelter), work and even have fun.

These rules apply to everyone, Balinese and foreign. Nyepi is the opportunity to affirm the Balinese nationalism facing the intoxicating modernity wins Indonesia. Bali is so isolated from the rest of the world that day, and something exceptional, even the airport is closed (except in emergencies). "

- Gregorian, the international calendar, which can be connected to the world, and organize the administrative life.

Every 35 days the Balinese make offerings during various rituals. Apart from the Independence Day which takes place on August 17, Indonesia has a score of holidays for various commemorations: Galungan (ancestral feast), Kuningan, but also birthday of Buddha (Vesak), Chinese New Year , Prophet's birthday, Easter, Christmas etc ...

  1.  Avoid formula guide + driver, this is not the best way to visit this country.

  2. Do not change money at the airport exchange rates are much lower than in town. Even if the difference does not seem important on the table over several million rupees, it ended up being important. (1 million rupees = 81 €). Same thing at the money changers in the same street, there are sometimes differences of 400 to 500 rupees per 1 euro, 200 euro this can make 100,000 rupiah difference.

In 2014 the exchange rate is 1 euro = 15,600 rupees

In 2016 the exchange rate is 1 euro = 14,880 rupees

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